GITA16 2016 Gibson Island Turnaround
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 New Published: Execution Strategy Procedure and Turnaround Management Plan - Rev0.1

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PostSubject: New Published: Execution Strategy Procedure and Turnaround Management Plan - Rev0.1   Fri Nov 27, 2015 7:46 am

Refer to your desktop link to view procedure.

A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.
Synonyms: master plan, grand design, game plan, plan of action, plan, policy, proposed action, scheme, blueprint, program, procedure, approach, schedule…

This document outlines the strategies established to execute a safe, effective (quality) and efficient (tool-time) Turnaround—Gibson Island 2016—to meet the key deliverables.
The Execution Strategy is an integrated approach to developing the Turnaround Management Plan, consisting of individual Stakeholder Strategies and Functional Plans. Its purpose is to assist with developing an overall Turnaround Project Plan (aka Schedule) supported by a DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology).
When formally established, the Execution Strategy identifies how all work will be executed—which activities, when, where, and by whom—with the least amount of risk.
A series of workshops (brainstorming sessions) will be scheduled to establish Stakeholder Strategies and Functional Plans, which will then be incorporated into the overall Turnaround Management Plan by the Planning & Scheduling Team.
Key deliverables are established by the Steering Committee (or key Stakeholders, as directed by the Turnaround Manager), followed by a formal workshop session to define assumptions, identify constraints, and mitigate risk for the various Stakeholder Strategies (e.g., Decommissioning, Materials Management, Inspection, Safety, QA/QC, Environment, Administration) and Functional Plans (e.g., Communication Plan, Mobilization Plan, Evacuation Plan, Change Management, Security Plan, Fatigue Management Plan).
Once the Execution Strategy is complete (T-35 Days) the Schedulers can finalize the Turnaround Project Plan, using strategic, dynamic scheduling to optimize resources and time in Primavera™ P6; while Stakeholders can prepare to support the Turnaround Project Plan with implementation (orientation, training, practice), e.g., tools, materials, safety, consumables, trailers, timekeeping, etc.
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New Published: Execution Strategy Procedure and Turnaround Management Plan - Rev0.1
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